CONFIRMED: It’s Not Possible to See Other Players in No Man’s Sky

In the lead up to No Man’s Sky release, it was made clear that the likelihood of encountering another player within the massive, procedurally generated universe was less than 1%. However, two players have already encountered each other…sort of…

A player named TheSadCactus landed on a planet that had already been discovered by another player named Psytokat. After finding this out, TheSadCactus immediately sent a message to the other player and tried to meet up at a certain place to see what might happen. Both the players were on Twitch and were streaming their progress in the game.

Unfortunately, the players weren’t able to see each other on the planet or in a neighboring space station and any changes they did to the planet weren’t reflected on the other player’s experience.


During an interview with Game Informer back in 2014, Sean Murray, the lead designer of the game, gave some hope to the players that they might run into one another while travelling in No Man’s Sky. The idea, however was latter scraped it seems, leading Murray to tweet a clarification that No Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game:

So while the possibility of running into other players in No Man’s Sky remains extremely low, on the off chance that it happens, there is currently no way of interacting with other players in-game. Doesn’t that make exploring space feel a little more lonely?

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