JJ Abrams-Produced Portal and Half-life Movies In The Works

There’s been whispers of JJ Abrams-produced Portal and Half-Life movies but now we have the slightest of confirmations from the notoriously secretive director. It might not be much, but we’ll take it!

Speaking to IGN Abrams was asked for an update on the two films and replied, “They’re in development, they’ve got writers and we’re working on both those stories but there’s nothing that would be an exciting update.”

This news isn’t as exhilarating as casting announcements or a trailer but the mere fact that he acknowledged their existence is exciting.

It’s also probably worth noting that 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg’s big break came via a Portal fan film, so I’d imagine he’s making a few faces in JJ’s direction right about now. Here’s his short if you’re interested

Anyone want to bet that Daisy Ridley will be playing Chell?

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