Just Cause 3 Is Total Mayhem Even Without Pressing Any Buttons

Just Cause 3 is a game all about destruction. There’s some plot line about overthrowing a cruel Mediterranean dictator or something, but really the game is about blowing as much stuff up as possible, which lucky for us is everything.

But what would happen if you played Just Cause 3 without pressing a single button? Surely the people of Medici would be spared from the senseless destruction that’s plagued them since protagonist Rico Rodriguez came to town, no? Apparently not.

ThingsWePlay tried playing Just Cause 3 without pressing a single button and still caused a buttload of destruction. Watch the experiment below.

Admittedly, this experiment is slightly flawed. Standing in-between the lanes of a busy road is sure to invite destruction, even without pressing any buttons. Regardless of the experiment’s flaws, it is encouraging to see that destruction is constantly all around you in Just Cause 3, even if you are not technically playing the game at the time. Hopefully Avalanche Studios sees this and gives themselves a well-deserved pat on the back.

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