Konami Will Not Finish Metal Gear Solid V’s Final Mission

If you beat Metal Gear Solid V and felt that it lacked some much needed closure, that’s because Metal Gear Solid V’s final mission–colloquially known as Mission 51–was left on the cutting room floor when the game was released.

As Kotaku reported last year, footage of a deleted mission, made up of concept art, narration, and half-finished cut-scenes, appeared in the game’s previously released Collector’s Edition. These unseen leftovers do give closure to some of the characters.

It’s not entirely clear whether Mission 51 was purposefully cut from the game or whether it was simply a casualty of Kojima and friends running out of time, but you can watch would would have been Metal Gear Solid V’s final mission below, courtesy YouTuber user Inzaa:

It’s a pivotal sequence that helps set up the future of both Liquid and Psycho Mantis, and I seriously can’t believe it’s not in the game.

And given that Konami will be releasing a definitive edition of MGSV, fans have been wondering whether Mission 51 would be completed as it is arguably the game’s most important mission.

On Twitter (via VideoGamer), here’s the official Metal Gear account responding to these questions:


If there was any good will towards Konami that remained in the gaming community, it’s gone now.

What kind of PR miracle will Konami need to pull off to regain the trust of gamers?

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