Legacy of Discord Adds New Social Feature

Now you have even more incentive to invite your friends…

Fans of Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings rejoiced today when the developer announced on Facebook that it will be adding a new social feature to the game.

The ‘coming soon’ addition will be called Fellowship and for now, is mostly cloaked in mystery.

Here are the details we know: Users must have a level 50 character to access the feature and they must have friends in the game. So, LoD gamers: get grinding and inviting your closest pals. They’ll have to be level 50 as well.

No news yet on the official rollout date for this latest addition.

Legacy of Discord is already known for its heavily social features and a variety of PVP options, including battle arenas, large scale PVP wars, and co-op dungeon raids. ‘Fellowship’ joins the long list of additions aimed to please the social gamers. Only time will tell if ‘Fellowship’ is embraced by its passionate fan base.

Stay tuned to Game Addik for updates on this and other favorite MMOs.

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