Let’s Roleplay Shows That Let’s Play Videos Can Be So Much More

Thank goodness Sony’s bid to trademark “Let’s Play” was rejected because the popular YouTube genre has just starting to mature into something so much more than a gamer wailing into a microphone. Auckland, New Zealand-based YouTuber Rycon Roleplays is taking the Let’s Play genre to cool new places with his Let’s Roleplay channel, wherein–rather than just do running-commentary of the games he’s playing–he fully assumes the character and does the commentary in character.

Take a look Rycon’s Let’s Roleplay of first-person survival horror game Outlast.

The result of incorporating his love of roleplay into the Let’s Play genre is a much more compelling series complete with character and story development that goes way beyond what game developers could have possible anticipated for their games.

The reason we are sharing this with you today is because we hope to inspire aspiring Let’s Players to step outside the box. Even though it’s still a relatively new phenomenon, Let’s Play videos have already become stale and formulaic (and also because it’s clear that Rycon puts a lot of hard work into his videos and deserves some recognition). Let’s Roleplay is a breath of fresh air and really shows that Let’s Play has untapped potential as an art form.

So please, if you want to make Let’s Play videos, don’t simply do what everyone else is doing, i.e. screaming into your microphone in hopes that Disney will reward you with your own network. Think outside the box like Rycon’s Let’s Roleplay and push the limits of the genre!

[h/t: r/gaming]

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