Lil Wayne and Birdman Game in the Strangest Way

Long before their money-feud spoiled rap’s most beautiful surrogate-father/son relationship, Lil Wayne and Birdman were huge gamers, although not in the way you might expect.

While streaming a playthrough of DOOM on Twitch, serious gamer and autotune-God T-Pain revealed that Lil Wayne and Birdman would constantly play Madden when they were in the studio. Well, play may not be the right word…

The two rappers would place bets of approximately $10,000 a game and let the computer decide the outcome.

“They would bet that a team they picked would beat the team that the other guy picked. They didn’t play the game. They just let the computer play both teams. And they would just bet $10,000 on that game. And I thought that was the most ballin’ shit I had ever seen in my life.”

T-Pain went on to say that he never got involved in the Madden betting because: “I’m not an idiot.”

Would you ever let the computer decide the outcome of a $10,000 video game bet when you have the choice to pick up the controller?

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