Make Fallout 4 More Like New Vegas With This New Mod

If you wish Fallout 4 was more like New Vegas, this mod is for you.

Since Fallout 4’s release last November, a small but vocal group of the Fallout fanbase has been denouncing the game’s developer Bethesda in favour of Fallout: New Vegas’s developer Obsidian. Given that Obsidian was composed of former Interplay developers–the people who made the original Fallout games–Fallout: New Vegas was seen by this small but vocal group as a return to form.

One of the main reasons Fallout 4 did not impress New Vegas diehards is the perk system. Where some people enjoyed its simplicity and variety, New Vegas fans lamented the lack of traits and cool modifiers that would change your character statistics in meaningful ways.

These same diehards will continue to pray that the rumours of Obsidian heading up Fallout: New Orleans are true, there is a new mod for Fallout 4 that can tide them over. The new mod adds traits into the game. The Traits and More mod, made by Cirosan, adds a number of new traits and a few new perks into the game.

Here’s Cirosan’s description of Fallout 4’s traits:

Essentially, Traits are something that add both a valuable advantage AND a great disadvantage to your character, making them even more unique. They’re unlike Perks, because Perks can only help your character and are always something good, whereas Traits contain something good AND something bad.

Whether a Trait is worth the trade-off is up to your own judgement and playstyle, but experimenting with new Traits can reinvigorate an existing playthrough or add a lot of variety to a second playthrough.

Because Fallout 4 does not allow the addition of perks or traits into the standard perk menu (the Vault Boy chart), Cirosan decided to make them items you construct at a Chemistry Station. Many of the traits are directly inspired by those seen in previous Fallout titles, but there are some original creations.

Here’s an example:

fallout 4 traits mod

The Traits and More mod should satisfy Fallout fans who prefer the perk system from the non-Bethesda developed Fallout games until Obsidian’s rumoured Fallout: New Orleans gets confirmed. The mod adds an item that removes all perks and traits, thus letting you re-spec your character build. Nice!

You can grab The Traits and More mod from NexusMods.

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