Mass Effect on Hold Following Andromeda Disappointment

But it doesn’t spell the end for the series.

Mass Effect Publisher EA has put the series “on ice” following the disappointment of Andromeda, according to sources close to Kotaku.

The series is one of the most loved and critically acclaimed in the RPG genre, but its latest instalment, Andromeda, split fans. It was panned by some who saw it as inferior to its predecessors, and became the brunt of many a joke online following its unimpressive character animations.

Now it seems as though the series has been put on hold, as the franchise’s developer, Bioware Montreal, has become a support studio. This isn’t to say it’s lost any significance, only that it will help out with other projects, in particular a brand new IP codenamed Dylan.

It also doesn’t mean this is the end for Mass Effect as a whole, as Kotaku’s Jason Schreler stressed that “Bioware is letting Mass Effect sit for a while rather than putting Andromeda’s follow-up right away”.

The good news is that no members of the Mass Effect team have been laid off, but instead moved to different departments of EA to work on other games, such as Star Wars Battlefront 2. Some staff will also continue working on Mass Effect Andromeda online.

Would you like to see another Mass Effect game, or has the series run its course? Let us know in the comments section below.

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