Metal Gear Solid Gets The Fan Remake We Deserve

By in large, I was underwhelmed when I purchased a Nintendo GameCube in early 2002. Good games were few and far between, with Nintendo seemingly content to rest on its popular intellectual property laurels, knowing full well that Nintendo fan boys like myself would gobble up anything with Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Fox McCloud and others. And while Metroid Prime remains a masterpiece of its generation, I would have regretted buying a GameCube altogether if it had not have been for the Metal Gear Solid remake The Twin Snakes.

Playing through the Shadow Moses incident in refined graphics and updated game mechanics served as a much needed reminder why I loved Solid Snake and the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Now that the fifth Metal Gear Solid instalment has been released and it is not entirely clear why I love the needlessly convoluted story, we need a Metal Gear Solid remake more than ever to remind us why the 1998 game left such an impression on gamers.

Luckily, Metal Gear Solid super fan Airam Hernandez has remaking Hideo Kojima’s groundbreaking 1998 stealth game using Unreal Engine 4. The video, below, shows off his work in progress. His remake is titled Shadow Moses, named for the game’s setting (a secret weapons development base in the Alaskan archipelagos. Hernandez is documenting his progress on Facebook, so visit that link if you wish to see more.

Sadly, it most likely won’t be long before Metal Gear Solid publisher and rights holder Konami shuts the remake down, though we certainly hope they Airam alone. Regardless of what action Konami takes against this fan remake of Metal Gear Solid, just seeing Shadow Moses recreated in the Unreal Engine is wonderful.

Before seeing Airam’s work, I would give anything to play a proper remake of Metal Gear Solid for the current generation. Seeing how stunning the game looks in the Unreal Engine firsthand has me full on salivating. Hopefully you too are reduced to uncontrollable drooling.

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