Apparently, Michael Jackson Did Do The Music for Sonic 3

Since 1994, there have been rumours that the now-deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson had a hand in creating the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Though no one would ever confirm whether or not Michael Jackson did do the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, it’s been one of the gaming industry’s biggest open secrets.

A long feature in The Huffington Post now claims to have concrete evidence that Michael Jackson did indeed compose music for Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles.

According to three of the game’s six credited music producers, Jackson worked closely with the team to compose Sonic 3’s soundtrack. The reasons why he was never credited are two fold. First, they say Michael Jackson was unhappy the finished product. After the music was compressed and digitized to fit on 16-bit cartridges, it sounded nothing like Jackson’s original compositions. Not wanting Sega to hitch their bleeps and bloops to his star, he distanced himself from the project.

The other reason is the more infamous one. At the time, Jackson was embroiled in accusations of child molestation. And since video games in the early 90s were largely thought to be technologically advanced children’s toy, advertising that Michael Jackson had contributed music would only reflect poorly on the company. So, Sega decided to scrap all of the music and redo it. At least that was the plan. The producers have since said that the tracks were either given minor edits or left completely alone, meaning Jackson’s music still appears in the game.

Though many of us have known for some time that Michael Jackson may have done the music for Sonic 3, it is nice to finally get some confirmation. For more, read the full report.

Listen to the Sonic 3 soundtrack below to see if you can hear Michael Jackson’s influence on the classic soundtrack.

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