Middle-Earth: Shadow of War First Look & Walkthrough Video

They just released a new gameplay video and we’re REALLY excited!

Today, Playstation released a new gameplay walkthrough of their highly anticipated game Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to their smash hit Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section:

The story will pick up from where the original left off, with the infused spirits of Talion and Celebrimbor having forged a new ring of power. Together they intend to use this to defeat Sauron and his army of Nazgul, but the ring might have other ideas.

Return of the Nemesis System

Shadow of War Battles

As expected, the Nemesis system which played such a vital part in Shadow of Mordor’s success returns, but in a more dynamic capacity. Armies and their leaders can still be conquered, shifting the hierarchy and creating more powerful enemies in the process. However in Shadow of War, your allies are also subject to the unique system; how your fortresses and armies develop will be completely dependent on who you recruit to lead them. With the paradigm of your enemies and allies being dynamic, no two experiences of the game will be the same.

The alpha gameplay trailer also shows off some interesting features, such as being able to ride a fire-breathing Drake, a vast array of weaponry and armory that you can steal from enemies, as well as cool combat mechanics using Talion and Celebrimbor in tandem. Although we only saw a brief stint, it looks as though Shadow of Mordor will expand on everything good that its predecessor did, whilst adding these new features.

Middle Earth Shadow of War wallpaper

With Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor due to be released in August 2017, we’re counting down the minutes already.

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