Mom Attempts to Explain Overwatch Characters With No Knowledge of the Game

Parents and their cluelessness on all things geeky will never get old. Case in point: Karhall and his mom. He asked her to talk about Overwatch character without knowing who the heck they even were.

Karhall says he tasked his mother with giving each character a codename she thought fit their appearance as well as some thoughts on what she thought their job was and who they are as characters.

As you might have guessed, the result is hilarious. Amazingly, some of her descriptions make more sense than the descriptions Blizzard has provided.

For reference, Karhall’s mom’s comments are in blue while Karhall’s are in green. Take a look at the hilarity below.









They’re working their way through all 22 characters. If you want to follow along, you can here.

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