#MysteriousGame Countdown Has Begun…

#MyteriousGame countdown has begun! What does this mean? We don’t know!

Bandai Namco has resurrected the age old marketing method of releasing an enigmatic timer, counting down to Monday morning. On Monday, there will be some kind of announcement, perhaps a new game. Until then, all we have is a clock and #MysteriousGame. Click here to see the countdown clock in action.

On Twitter, Bandai Namco wrote: “Can you feel the hunger?” Does that mean they are teasing a gritty reboot of Pac-Man? Before you scoff, Pac-Man is a Bandai Namco property that loves to eat.

A line from the website’s source code reads: “Find the clues, share them with your friends and discover the mysterious game.”

If you stay on the countdown clock long enough, you will see cryptic sentences in different languages. Perhaps these were the clues they were referencing? You are better off just waiting until Monday when the clock hits zero rather than try to decipher any meaning.

However, if you have already figured out what #MysteriousGame is supposed to hint at, please spoil it for us in the comments. We no patience for waiting until Monday nor do we have time to decode clues! So please, if you can, spoil this reveal for us.

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