New Clinic in Vietnam uses a Familiar Logo

“Our business is life itself…”

The zombie apocalypse has a refreshing new twist.

A new skincare clinic in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam went unexpectedly viral this week when it debuted its branding featuring a strangely familiar logo. Gamers around the world lost their minds.


The logo appears to be lifted straight from The Umbrella Corporation, the fictional organization responsible for the zombie apocalypse in Resident Evil.

Reddit user gentlemansincebirth first brought the mishap to the Internet’s attention and it didn’t take along for gamers to pile on, adding their own commentary to the fiasco.

“So it begins,” was one of the highest rated comments from Archer2408.

“Are they doing any research into new pharmacological avenues?” asked wootlesthegoat, whose Reddit username is funny enough on its own.

Kidding aside, the branding does look quite striking — if only it wasn’t such a blatant infringement of trademark for Capcom, the makers of the Resident Evil series.


Apparently, the mishap was unintentional by the clinic, who had hired a third party to design their logo and branding. While it’s pretty safe to assume this third party copied the Umbrella Corporation’s logo, it’s unclear if the offender knew how recognizable the logo is. Even funnier still, perhaps they did and used the logo knowing the effect it would have.

Surrounding the controversy, Medcare Skin Centre released this statement on their Facebook Page, where they have also removed the logo in question.

PHOTO CREDIT Medcare Skin Centre – FaceBook

It seems like Medcare Skin Centre is taking the appropriate steps at damage control, but it would be funnier still if they took full advantage of this ‘accidental marketing’ and changed their FaceBook profile picture to Dr. Ashford or promised to deliver treatments that “bring you back to life.”

Maybe this could be the new header on their website.

PHOTO CREDIT Dread Central

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