New CTF-esque Tribute Mode Coming Soon to Ubisoft’s For Honor

Capture the flag… For Honor-style.

Ubisoft has recently announced their hack and slash game For Honor will be getting a new game mode called “Tribute Mode” in a future update.

Described as objective-based, Tribute Mode will pit two teams of 4 players against each other in acquiring 3 different offerings scattered around the map. Once a player grabs an “Offering,” they must deliver it to one of their team’s three shrines, with each shrine granting your team a different buff in the form of “blessings.” Tribute Mode is essentially capture the flag (CTF), but your team gets a buff with every capture. Here’s a quick rundown of each blessing and how they improve your team:

• Guardian Blessing – Not only does your team get a buff from this blessing, but the enemy team is hit with a punishing effect as well. Your team is granted a regenerating shield, and the enemy team will begin to experience slower interaction time when attempting to capture an Offering. Talk about brutal!

• Vindicator Blessing – This blessing focuses solely on improving your team, with your team not only experiencing a damage boost but also a speed boost when carrying an offering. Your team will also gain faster interaction time when stealing an Offering from the enemy’s shrine.

• Oracle Blessing – Your team will be able to see where the entire enemy team is located both in-world and on the radar, along with the location of the enemy’s Offering carrier. This will give your team a recon advantage over the enemy.

For Honor – which is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC – is already well into Season 3 with new Heroes and maps, and it looks like Ubisoft will continue adding more content as time goes on. No word yet on when Tribute Mode will be available, but it will be free with a future update.

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