New Fallout 4 Mod Finally Lets You Play as Dogmeat

Just when you thought you were done with Fallout 4, a new mod comes along and gives you the Fallout 4 experience you have always wanted: a chance to explore the Wasteland as a dog, with his loyal companion, another dog, at his side.

This a mod lets you play as Dogmeat, which is truly a dream come true. Watch the double Dogmeats’ adventure below.

What I like about this mod is that other than the whole, you know, talking thing, you’re really playing as a copy of Bethesda’s iconic mutt (or any of the game’s variety of canines). That means that you’re honor-bound to be a good dog, to right wrongs, protect the helpless, and sniff butts wherever you may roam. It also means giving up your guns, since dogs lack the ability to properly wield them.

But I’m sure a mod will fix that soon enough.

This is a stunning tribute to one of the best dog performances in video game history, which was just recently recognized with an award.

Is playing Fallout 4 as Dogmeat better than playing as a boring old human? Let us know in the comments!

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