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New God of War Won’t Have Any Cuts

Just one long take.

The new God of War won’t have any cuts, and will instead play out over one whole shot, as Director Cory Barlog discussed with Eurogamer in a recent interview.

For a series synonymous with huge scale, panning shots, and Quick Time Events, the latest God of War is throwing away all stereotypes, and instead looking more like an intimate, story-driven game.

God of War will be shown from one camera shot over Kratos’ shoulder, meaning it’s told entirely from his point of view. Gone are the cuts to behemoth mythical Gods, pans to the location the player needs to head to, and raged, bloodthirsty close-ups of combat.

While it might be difficult to imagine how God of War can continue to be so epic from one point of view, Barlog feels it has its benefits. “We’re finding so many amazing things we can do with this,” he told Eurogamer. “The sense of scale, even when you go against something that would be considered medium-size in previous games, it feels fantastic.”

How fans of the God of War franchise will find the changes remains to be seen, but it looks as though developer Santa Monica has taken inspiration from other third-person titles, and implemented some, perhaps much needed, changes. For one, Kratos will be battling Gods of Norse mythology, a change from his typical Greek deity-destroying ways.

About the changes, Barlog continues: “Drama comes from characters changing. If characters stay the same and nothing changes, there’s really nothing to look at. You’ve got to change, whether it’s painful or not.”

Are you looking forward to a new-look God of War game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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