New Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 Evidence Leaked!

Good news for gamers that are still clinging on to the hope that Valve will some day make good on their promise that there will be a Half-Life 3 and a Left 4 Dead 3.

In the wee hours of February 22nd, Valve released a tool called the SteamVR Performance Test, a program designed to test whether or not your PC is capable of supporting VR technology. Inside the program were lines of code that contained numerous references to Half-Life 3 as well as Left 4 Dead 3.

You can get a look at the code directly thanks to SteamDB pulling chunks of it out as text.

The Valve News Network, a YouTube channel that made an awesome breakdown of the “leak”, pointed out that the Source 2 engine contains a lot of stuff ported over directly from the old engine, hinting at the possibility that these could be previously seen things copied and pasted over again. The updated model for Half-life 2’s Dog found in the Vive demo, for example, is nearly 6 months old.

That said, there are Half-life 3 mentions that are new, like ‘Quest Citizens’, talk of a crowbar zipline and some sort of ‘spy grenade,’ so not everything here appears to be old code or repeats of prior leaks.

On the Left For Dead 4 front there’s mention of a Nocturnal enemy type, tying into Source 2’s day night cycle feature. There’s also texture sets for two elderly men – an ‘Adult 01’ and ‘Retired Engineer’ (below, taken from SteamDB) with a direct explicit directory reference to Left For Dead 4.

It’s an interesting mix of whispers. On the one hand some of this does look like legacy code from previous Source files, carried over to Source 2, meaning everyone’s getting excited over stuff we’ve already seen, but there’s also just enough new mentions to suggests it might not be all echoes.

Watch Valve News Network’s breakdown for the best understanding of the situation.

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