New Just Cause 3 Video Highlights How Bananas The Game’s Open World Is

Just Cause 3 is set to launch next week and in anticipation of the game’s release, Avalanche Studios published a new “dev diary” video. The new Just Cause 3 video focuses on how the developer used its proprietary engine, along with third-party tools like Havok Destruction, to make the open world of Just Cause 3 even more bananas than its predecessors. Some random acts of destruction and mayhem were just not possible on the last-generation of systems, but this new Just Cause 3 video makes it pretty clear that you can be as reckless as you want to be.

Watch the new Just Cause 3 video below and get excited for unadulterated, reckless fun coming to a console near you next week.

Oh my god…Did you guys see that you can use the grappling hook while soaring through the skies in the new wingsuit? Yes. A million times, yes! Over-the-top action is what has set the Just Cause franchise apart from other open world games and this new dev diary sure makes it seem that the third in the series is really reaching its full potential.

In other Just Cause 3 news, Avalanche recently confirmed that it explored a multiplayer mode for the game, but ultimately decided to keep it a single-player-only experience. There is a possibility that they add it, but don’t hold your breath until further notice. The developer also confirmed that the PS4 edition runs at 1080p while the Xbox One version runs at 900p. Keep that in mind if you’re still trying to decide between PS4 and Xbox One.

Just Cause 3 is set for release on December 1st, 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. What are you looking forward to destroying the most? I know I can’t wait to hijack cows in Just Cause 3. Let us know what you plan on doing first in Just Cause 3 in the comments below!

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