A New Race Comes to Elvenar

The popular MMO adds some magic to its ranks

Mana is flowing through Elvenar once again and it has attracted the attention of some magical beings. Sorcerers have joined Humans and Elves as a new race in the game.

Along with the Sorcerers, new buildings are available right from the start of this new expansion, and players will need them. In order to attract Sorcerers to your town, you’ll have to build a Sorcerer’s Campus, where these magical folk will study to gain knowledge and power – all as a benefit to you.

Build a University

Get ready to dedicate a lot of space here. The university, or Sorcerer’s Campus, will take up a good chunk of your lot. Players begin with a wisdom square as the foundation of the university. Then comes the campus and facilities, where sorcerers will be trained. Take care in planning the layout of your university. There are no roads save for the campus and making all facilities accessible can be tricky.

In addition to the university, Sorcerers bring with them new cultural elements. Now, players will have to choose between buildings that focus on Culture or Mana. Not sure what to build? The Elvenar Architect website includes a dandy list explaining what elements are the most mana efficient.

Develop your Magic

Sorcerers have three disciplines: arcanologists, alchemists, and necromancers. Once you have enough facilities built at the university, you can send your Sorcerer apprentices to seminars where they will begin specializing in one of the three fields.

Once trained, graduates from the university will help unlock new technologies in the Tech Tree. As you grow your number of trained Sorcerers, they will show you how to build some of their Ancient Wonders.

Ancient Wonders

So far, Sorcerers bring with them two Ancient Wonders: the Maze of Dark Matter and the Dragon Abbey.

Elvenar Maze Of Dark Matter

The Maze of Dark Matter grants powerful mana bonuses to your city. It produces a set amount during the day and prevents mana decay overnight.

Elvenar Dragon Abbey

The Dragon Abbey also adds bonuses, but this time to your Mage Units and Spells. Both Ancient Wonders can be upgraded and the more upgraded the Ancient Wonder is, the more bonuses it applies.

Looks like the Sorcerers are here to stay for a while, and we’re fine with that. With magic, mana, and dragons, fans of Elvenar will have plenty to explore in this exciting expansion.

Sorcerers in Elvenar!?

Sorcerers will arrive soon in Elvenar!Find out more from Timon & Rike!

Publicado por Elvenar em Terça, 14 de fevereiro de 2017


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