New Star Wars The Old Republic Episode Arrives Next Month

The next episode of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire will be released on February 11th. Titled “Anarchy in Paradise”, the new episode will introduce a new ally, an infamous mercenary known as Firebrand. EA’s PR department says her mission is to destroy the Eternal Empire by attacking Zakuul and crushing the seat of power, the Eternal Throne, by any means necessary. It will be up to the Outlander to decide just how far he or she is willing to go to beat the Eternal Emperor. As per usual, players’ previous choices will have grim consequences and will feel the squeeze of fate on their dangerous quest.

Can Firebrand be trusted? If there’s one thing that we know about the Star Wars universe, it’s that mercenaries rarely wear their true intentions on their sleeve… I guess we’ll have to play Star Wars The Old Republic to be sure.

Get a first look at Firebrand and the latest chapter of Star Wars The Old Republic below.

In recent months, BioWare and EA have been hard at work creating new content for this Star Wars MMO in an effort to boost the number of people playing this MMORPG. To facilitate new players jumping in to experience the new storylines, they have done away with any focus on leveling up and grinding. New players can now start the game at level 60 to play the new stories.

Star Wars The Old Republic is free-to-play, so why not give it a try today? It has the GameAddik seal of approval. Furthermore, what other MMORPG has the confidence in its storytelling to do away with the grinding altogether? Trust your feelings, you know you want to wreak lightsaber havoc all across the galaxy…

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