Nintendo Possibly Exploring a Return to VR

During Nintendo’s financial report, where Nintendo’s investors and analysts come together to review the quarter and share what they have up their sleeves for the future, it was announced that the Wii U saw a steady amount of growth in sales between April and December.

And while we are very for the Wii U’s financial growth, no one made any mention on the one and only thing that everyone wanted to hear about: the Nintendo NX. No details on Nintendo’s upcoming console were revealed, so we continue to be in the dark for now. However, Nintendo did reveal something interesting about their future initiatives. They “are looking” into VR. No further details were relieved beyond the suggestion that they are looking into the possibility of pursuing VR in the future. How bureaucratic of them.

Nintendo’s VR initiative could be going in one of two directions:

  1. They could be creating their own headset to compete against Oculus, HTC, Sony and more.
  2. They could be developing VR friendly games to be played on the headsets that had a head start.

If you remember, their first attempt at jumping into virtual reality in 1995 with the Virtual Boy, a portable VR console that has been since regarded as one of the biggest flops the video game industry has ever seen. Of course, in retrospect, it just looks like Nintendo was a little premature with pursuing VR technology.

It’s more likely the company will try to develop VR-friendly games that fit into their mobile development plans. The Samsung Gear VR, for example, uses mobile phones as a screen and creates a VR environment out of the phone’s display. Makes sense that they would develop a game for mobile and VR if they are being played on the same device, right?

Unfortunately, this is all hearsay until E3 but we’ll keep you posted on their VR plans and NX plans that emerge.

What do you think Nintendo’s VR initiative will be? What virtual reality games would you like to see Nintendo make? Let us know what you think on TwitterFacebook or in the comments below.

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