Nintendo Switch Creators Have A Secret Message For You

Nintendo’s newest Easter egg is not where you’d expect.

Video games are known for their hidden messages.

Back on the Atari 2600, programmer Warren Robinett created one of the earliest Easter eggs in video game history when he hid his own name inside a secret room in Adventure. Gamers have been on the lookout for hidden rooms, notes, and bonuses ever since.

However, Nintendo may have broken new ground this week when they hid a message not inside a game, but within the Switch Pro Controller.

Nintendo Swith Pro Controller

Someone at Nintendo was having a lot of fun when they included a message on the Pro Controller’s circuit board. Now, don’t go ripping apart your controller just to read it. The controller’s casing is partly translucent, meaning you can see some of its inner workings. If you pull down the right analog stick, directly above it you can read the message without having to destroy your new toy:


Look Out, Internet

As expected, fans took to the internet to share their findings, flooding Reddit, Twitter, and Imgur with comments and photos.

The Easter Egg isn’t easy to find

Apparently, the message is not that easy to find, even if you know exactly where it is. Some commenters have stated they had to shine a light on the spot in order to read the note from the Nintendo creators.

The message is limited to the Pro Controller, so only fans who dished out the additional cash for the upgrade will be able to see the message. Still, it’s a nice nod to the hardcore gamers who were among the first to discover this little note of appreciation.

Nintendo Switch Thx

The Switch hasn’t sold quite as well as the Nintendo Wii back in 2006, but that hasn’t stopped the console from flying off the shelves as fast as stores can get it in stock. Hopefully, this message is just the beginning of Nintendo’s plans to show its dedication to the fans.

The Nintendo Switch went on sale on March 3.

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