Nintendo Unveils 2DS XL

The new addition to the 3DS family.

Nintendo has unveiled its latest console in development – the 2DS XL – just months after the release of its fastest selling console of all time, the Nintendo Switch.

It will be another inclusion to the 3DS family, following the original console itself, the 2DS, and the 3DS XL. Similarly to the 3DS variants, the 2DS XL will feature a clamshell design to split the main LCD screen and touch screen, but will not sport 3D visuals.

Two colours will be available, black and turquoise or white and orange, and it will take the second C-Pad, amiibo support, and improved capabilities from its 3DS XL sibling.

The console will release on July 28th, unsurprisingly the same day as three major software releases. It was recently announced that Hey! Pikmin, Miitopia, and Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focussed will also release on the same day.

At $149 the 2DS XL is more affordable than the 3DS XL, so will serve as a good option for those who aren’t interested in the latter’s 3D capabilities but don’t agree with the solid, blocked design of the 2DS.

Will you be picking up a 2DS XL? Let us know in the comments section below.

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