A Next Gen N64 Controller is Being Made

Better or worse?

The Retro Fighters “Next Gen N64 Controller” will soon be launched, after a successful Kickstarter campaign by the developers.

The Nintendo 64 controller has been a source of many a heated debate since the console’s 1996 launch. For one, it features three prongs as handles, presumably for people with more than two hands. The D-Pad and analog stick sit on different prongs, too far to be used together unless you have severely disjointed fingers. And want to use the Z button whilst playing with the D-Pad? Tough luck; it sits comfortably behind the analog stick’s middle prong. It was, however, the first major controller to use an analog stick, and I personally have fond memories of it.

Yet Nintendo 64 fans’ frustration is still felt, especially by company Retro Fighters. Its new N64 controller is a modern take on what the classic pad ‘should’ have looked like, with D-Pad and analog stick close together on the left and only two handles for two-handed people.

It’s kept the same buttons as the original N64 controller such as the C-Pad, blue A and green B buttons, and even a slot in the back to plug in your memory card and Rumble Pack. It looks like a retro-inspired Switch Pro Controller, which sounds like a wonderful idea. Kickstarter campaign anyone?

So far over 2,800 backers have invested over $80,000 in the project, smashing the $13,000 target – still with 27 days to go. If you pledge $45, your own name will be written in the controller’s construction manual. Otherwise, you can purchase the controller for $20 (£15).

Will you be investing in the Retro Fighters Nintendo 64 controller? Or do you still love your original controller? Let us know in the comments section below.

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