Nintendo Announces Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo finally listens.

Nintendo has announced during its E3 presentation that a new Metroid game is being made for the Switch, Metroid Prime 4.

Fans have been waiting since 2007’s Metroid Prime 3 for another home-console Metroid game, and it seems this time around Nintendo has been listening.

Since the 1986 original on the NES, most Metroid games have been met with huge praise, arguably the best in the series being Super Metroid on the SNES and the original Metroid Prime on GameCube. The latter was the first instalment to introduce first-person, almost certainly the point of view Metroid Prime 4 will be taking.

Nintendo has officially announced that development of the game will be led by Kensuke Tanabe – long-time series producer – with a new team. Previous Metroid games have been developed by Retro Studios.

Only a short clip was shown during E3 so no details are known, and it’s unlikely that we’ll have a release date for some time.

Are you excited for Metroid Prime 4 on the Switch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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