Nintendo Didn’t Hesitate When Offering Cross-Party Support with Rocket League

Switching cross-party.

Nintendo didn’t hesitate to cooperate with cross-party support for Rocket League, according to Psyonix Vice President of Publishing Jeremy Dunham.

Rocket League, which releases on the Nintendo Switch later this year, initially launched across all major platforms two years ago. Since then it’s taken the gaming community by storm, becoming of the most popular and profitable indie games of all time with 33 million registered players and 1.6 million daily players.

Xbox One and PC Rocket League players can currently compete across both platforms, a move that Sony decided not to make with PlayStation 4 support. Nintendo chose to take sides with Microsoft and the PC community, though, a decision which didn’t take them long to make.

“Nintendo has been very open with giving us whatever resources that we need, answering any questions that we have, allowing us to do cross-network play, which is a big deal and very important to us and they had no problem with that at all,” Dunham told

The Switch version of Rocket League has been created specifically for Nintendo’s system, running at 60fps docked and potentially handheld. It will also utilise the console’s local play modes.

This ability to play Rocket League handheld was one that excited Psyonix: “We have enough tools and safeguards in place to make sure that if you are playing Rocket League on-the-go multiplayer, via the internet, then we will be able to handle that situation just fine and keep all players happy,” Dunham said. “That’s what is cool about the console and one of the reasons we wanted to do it. Although it may not have the power of an Xbox One or a PS4, it does have that very unique aspect to it.”

Will you be buying Rocket League for the Switch? What are your views on cross-party play? Let us know in the comments section below.

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