No Man’s Sky Gets Mercilessly Roasted By Honest Game Trailers

Even though No Man’s Sky was released with many features promised by developer Hello Games missing from the game, some players have still found a way to enjoy their experience with the game. Smosh Games are not one of them.

The Honest Trailer for No Man’s Sky by Smosh Games mercilessly roasts the game.

They touch on features that were expected to be in the game that were either shoddily implemented or missing altogether, even including some pretty indicting interview footage from the creator talking about a specific missing feature. Plus, their description of the gameplay will make you wonder how you ever got seduced by that now-infamous E3 trailer…

It’s a truly savage take on the game and you can watch it below.

WARNING: The video spoils the end of the game, although, they do so only to make sure gamers know what they are getting themselves into. Besides, the game’s ending was spoiled almost a week before it was released so is a spoiler warning really necessary?

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