No Mario’s Sky Fan Game Survives Nintendo Takedown Thanks to Genius Name Change

Last week, we shared a video on GameAddik’s Facebook page about a fan-made game–No Mario’s Sky–where players could make Mario leap into a spaceship and explore different worlds a la No Man’s Sky in hopes of finding Princess Peach. In case you missed it, check it out below.

Two days ago, the team received a copyright takedown notice from Nintendo. However, rather than kneel to Nintendo, they rebranded their game and moved on.

The project was reposted as DMCA’s Sky. The gameplay remains intact, the only different is that the game now contains no copyrighted material.It can be found here.

Ben Porter is a member of the team that worked on the project. He told Kotaku that “…we had a feeling that we might get a notice, and Alex (the artist) had already begun designing new sprites.”

Both Porter and fellow designer Max Cahill were disappointed that the takedown occurred. In a Reddit post, Cahill was candid about a host of subjects including publicity, Nintendo’s actions, and the game’s content.

“It’s definitely Nintendo’s right to defend their IP,” Cahill began. “However, NMarS was a clear parody released for free. I personally think that Nintendo’s protection of their IP can be heavy handed. It’s disillusioned many devs starting out making fan games.”

Porter echoed the statement as well. “Personally I’m disappointed that fans can’t make games about Mario, even when they are clearly parodies,” he explained.

The team does not plan on creating any additional Nintendo mash-ups in the future.

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