OK, This Star Wars: Battlefront Easter Egg is Pretty Great

Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t a great game. For more on why it doesn’t live up to the massive hype surrounding it, read our Star Wars: Battlefront review. That said, there is one easter egg in Star Wars: Battlefront that passes with flying colours.

Forget the Wilhelm scream, this is the best Star Wars: Battlefront easter egg in existence. Shoutout to GamesRadar for spotting it.

In case you’re not familiar with what this Star Wars: Battlefront easter egg is referencing, watch the video below and keep a close eye on the Stormtooper on the right.

Long thought of as a blooper that some how snuck in to the final cut of A New Hope, the Stormtrooper bashing his head on the door is just one of many explanations for why they are largely ineffective when it comes to enforcing the will of the Empire. They can’t see anything! To see this gag reprised as a Star Wars: Battlefront easter egg deserves our utmost respect.

Though Star Wars: Battlefront is lacking in gameplay and replay-ability (it does get old rather fast, unfortunately), at least it contains this hilarious reference.

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