Open World Survival Game Conan Exiles Looks Epic

Developer Funcom announced today their upcoming open world survival game Conan Exiles and they did so in spectacular fashion. They released a teaser trailer that hints at the brutality of the savage world Conan the Barbarian inhabits.

In the game, players control one of thousands cast out to fend for themselves in a barbaric wasteland overrun by enemies and sandstorms. To survive, players must fight, build and dominate.

Your primary enemy in the game is the harsh environment. Players must find a way to grow crops or hunt animals for food, despite its barren nature. Then they must harvest resources to build weapons, tools and build shelters to survive the harsh elements. You can either go it alone or band together to build a settlement or launch raids on settlements. Over time, war will be waged against your enemies and eventually players will have to sacrifice their enemies on the altars of the gods to shift the balance of power in your favour.

Conan Exiles will feature savage, fast-paced combat with bloody, bone-crushing attacks. Heads will roll and limbs will fly. Do you think you can survive? Watch the teaser trailer below.

Early Access for Conan Exiles on PC is scheduled for summer 2016. Full launch for PC and consoles to follow.

Who will you be in Conan Exiles? A warrior? A hunter? A builder? A king? A scourge? Let us know how you’ll play this open world survival game on Twitter or Facebook.

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