Overwatch Beta Adding More Players for Weekend Test

Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA-shooter Overwatch is currently in a closed-beta, but will soon be available to a lot more players. So if you have been itching to try the latest entry in the Blizzard pantheon, this is your chance.

Beginning on Friday November 20th at 9AM Pacific Standard Time, Blizzard is hosting a weekend long beta event for those with access keys. What’s more, additional players in North America and Europe will reportedly gain access to this beta in order to stress test the Overwatch servers. In other words, if you haven’t already registered for a key, do so now.

All of Overwatch’s 21-hero roster will be playable over three maps: Hanamura, King’s Row and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. A recent blog post by Blizzard informs players about when to look for their beta invites:

To help us get the most out of this testing phase, we will be flagging accounts for the Beta Test Weekend a little early, during a scheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 19. We encourage all new recruits to use this additional time to download and install the beta client so you can be ready for action once servers come back online.

Don’t worry if you don’t make it into this week’s event however, because beginning in the next few weeks, Blizzard plans to launch Overwatch‘s open beta.

Players should note that the testing is only available to those on Windows operating systems and you’ll also need to have the Battle.net desktop app installed to play. If you’re selected to participate in either the Closed Beta or one of the future Beta Test Weekends, you’ll receive an email with instructions when you’re ready to be deployed.

Still no word about possible beta testing events for gamers looking to try Overwatch on consoles. Meanwhile, the PC version of Overwatch is likely to see a few changes to the console release and, fans of Team Fortress 2 will be happy to hear, that Blizzard is considering adding mod-support to the game. In the case of Fallout 4 however, any PC mods will be available on Xbox One so it’s entirely possible that the current-gen consoles will see something similar if modding is introduced in the game.

Overwatch will be released fully in Spring 2016 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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