Overwatch Beta is Back and This Is What’s Changed

Blizzard’s Overwatch beta returns today after a two-month hiatus. The latest version of the game includes Blizzard’s new progression and reward systems, a new game mode and a bunch of other changes.

How will Overwatch’s progression system work? Rather than level up individual heroes, the player will gain overall levels per account that unlock randomized cosmetic loot drops. There is no level cap. Upon gaining a new level, you’ll receive a Loot Box with four items in it, each offering either new skins, “highlight intro” animations, emotes, victory poses, victory lines, player icons, and graffiti tags.

In case you doubt the validity of this information, watch Jeff from the Overwatch team can tell you all about it in the latest Dev Diary below. Hear what’s new in Overwatch straight from the horse’s mouth below.

Customization and rewards is never a bad idea.

Take a look at the brand new Highlight Intros below.

As far as what’s new in the closed beta goes, Blizzard noted on its forum that there’s a new mode entitled Control, which basically sounds like King of the Hill. Two teams compete to hold sections of territory for a certain period of time and whichever team succeeds in holding the best of three objective areas wins the round.

There are two new maps for this mode, too. Lijiang Tower is a Chinese skyscraper in a busy metropolitan area, while Nepal is set in a Himalayan monastery, “a place where omnics and humans alike make pilgrimages in the hopes of finding a greater truth.”

Finally, there’s the new option to play in a six-player team against AI bots.

How do these changes to Overwatch’s beta affect your opinion of the game? Are you still excited for Blizzard’s MOBA shooter or is the new direction worrisome? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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