9 Hilariously Salty Reactions From Banned Overwatch Cheaters

Blizzard has been extremely clear on its cheating policy for Overwatch: DON’T unless you want to get banned, even if it’s your first offense.

However, some players have still decided to tempt fate and cheat anyway. As you might expect, many of those players were nailed by the banhammer, and are having hilariously, salty meltdowns on their various forums across the internet.

Reddit user jonnytothedee compiled screenshots showing off some of the most ludicrous reactions the banned Overwatch cheaters have shared with the world, and they are just delicious. Here are our 9 favorites that have been edited only to make them legible:

1. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to form a union against Blizzard and sue them somehow? How can they detect these cheats unless they are using some trojan, which is illegal.”

2. “These mortals have angered me for the last time. Blizzard will feel my wrath.”

3. “We are at war. War with Blizzard. Every day they persecute us for our beliefs.”

4. “I deserve another chance if I spent extra to buy the pre-order edition.”

5. “I only used because I’m stoned as **** and my teammates often flame me in Ranked for not being good.”

6. “The age of Blizzard is over. Time for us to take back what is ours.”

7. “Gonna have to explain to my girlfriend why we can’t play anymore.”

8. “It was just a mouse bot. Are they gonna ban me for using Paint now too?”

9. “can anyone teach me how to ddosn overwatcher servers

ime hacking since born im nto to be messe width

– best overwatch player”

Let this be a reminder, DON’T CHEAT IN OVERWATCH!

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