Overwatch Season 2 Is Now Live

Overwatch season 2 was supposed to launch on September 6th, but Blizzard had a change of heart and kicked off the second season last night along with a new map, Eichenwalde, and some other updates. All the details here or in the video below.

Season two overhauls competitive play in a big way. Sudden death has been tossed, the skill rating system has been revamped, adding Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers to concretely denote people’s skill levels.

The new map, Eichenwalde, is set in a German village that feels authentically medieval minus the dead robots scattered everywhere.

The patch is also loaded with balance changes, the biggest of which nerf Genji and Zenyatta while buffing Mercy and Mei. A lot of heroes received tweaks so don’t be surprised if you need to use the long weekend to get acclimated to the update.

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