Overwatch’s Controversial “Butt Pose” Replaced By Different Butt Pose

The Internet went up in arms last week over one of Overwatch‘s victory poses for the game’s main mascot, Tracer. Some claimed that the now-infamous “Over the Shoulder” pose was too sexual for a character not defined by sexuality, and Blizzard agreed by stating the pose would be changed.

In case you haven’t seen the controversial Overwatch butt pose, take a look at it below.

overwatch butt pose original

Once Blizzard announced they’d be removing the butt pose, others revolted at the decision, saying that Blizzard was pandering to political correct attitudes. Yikes. I’m not touching that. I don’t want to get doxxed.

An update has changed the pose…compromising with the two sides for a slightly less sexualized but still booty-full butt pose.

Tracer isn’t staring at her butt or bragging about her sexuality, hopefully making those who say she should be defined by her perky personality happy. And for the other camp, yes, you can still look at her butt through the skin-tight yellow suit.

overwatch new butt pose

What do you think about Blizzard’s handling of the situation? Will either side be satisfied with the compromise? Is it possible to please anyone on the Internet?

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