Player Uses Turntable to Wreck Opponents as Lucio

Real gamers know that you haven’t mastered a game until you can play without a classic controller, like how this guy took two turntables from DJ Hero and used it to wreck opponents as Lucio in Overwatch.

Now, it’s worth noting that YouTuber Whybeare did not subject other humans to this experiment, which we are extremely thankful for. Rather than go out into the wild with his laser gun, DJ Hero, he opted to try it out in a private, all-bot match. Still, the results aren’t half bad. All things considered, it’s a lot better than the Lucios I have encountered that have been playing with a controller or keyboard.

Whybeare mapped movement to the left turntable and aiming to the right, with shooting and special abilities linked to the buttons on either one. It sounds crazy in theory, but in practice it’s not too different from how one would usually play this hero. In fact, because of Lucio’s speed and aura bonuses, not to mention the natural rhythms of his attacking blasts, the constant back-and-forth drifting encouraged by the turntables actually seems like a logical fit.

Whybeare wasn’t able to work out all the kinks of his setup though:

“And when we’re in speed mode we automatically walk forward. Why? Because I couldn’t find a way to turn that off so that is a side effect of the fact that you’re using the DJ Hero turntables. That’s how you know the Lucio you’re playing with is Pro. If they’re in speed mode and then can’t stop walking forward, they’re a professional using the DJ Hero setup.”

Watch the experiment in action below.

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