9 PlayStation Experience Predictions

PlayStation Experience returns this weekend, and Sony has lined up one final keynote to celebrate their monster year dominating the console wars. Every PlayStation Experience features new announcements from the world of PlayStation and there is absolutely no reason to believe that this one will be any different. What will be announced at the PlayStation Experience conference this Saturday and Sunday? We won’t know for sure until it happens, but we have 9 PlayStation Experience predictions.


1. God of War makes the jump to current gen

God of War II director Cory Barlog “accidentally” let it slip last years that Sony Santa Monica is making a new God of War game. Wouldn’t an official reveal at the PlayStation Experience conference be the perfect time to give Kratos fans a first look at what they can expect in 2017? A teaser trailer for a new God of War title will happen. Just watch. Will it be Kratos as the main protagonist? Hard to say. Kratos’ character arc really went off the rails in the latter part of the series. Maybe a Roman or Egyptian or Norse God of War? That’d be cool. Hopefully they’ve looked to SMITE for inspiration.


2. News on Sony Bend’s horror game

Another developer that’s been MIA for a suspicious amount of time is Sony Bend. Rumours suggest that it’s working on some kind of open world horror game for the PS3, which is being built using the Unreal Engine 4. Whatever they’ve been working on has been in development for nearly four years now, so it’s about time they show us what they’ve got. Is a fully playable demo on the show floor out of the question? We predict that it’s not.


3. Uncharted 4 overload

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has a beta kicking off this weekend, so it stands to reason the PlayStation Experience will feature a ton of Uncharted 4 stuff. We are predicting a story trailer, a single player gameplay demonstration, another look at the mystical multiplayer and more questions than answers. Plus, there will most likely be a special bundle announcement to ensure Sony keeps moving units.


4. The Last Guardian revealed

The Last Guardian has been tightly under wraps since it was re-revealed at E3 earlier this year. Sony has gone on record saying that it doesn’t want to show too much from the game for fear of spoiling it before its release. Fair enough but are spoilers worse than going completely off the radar to the point where we all forget its a game we want to play? Prediction: a new trailer, a status update. Wishful thinking: a playable demo, a release date.


5. PS3 emulation

PlayStation 2 emulation is already working on the PS4 and Sony hasn’t been shy about confirming classic games are coming to the new-gen console. Our prediction is that Sony will outline the functionality of PS3 emulation on PS4 and also confirm the first batch of titles that will support it.


6. PlayStation VR

In case you haven’t heard, Sony is doing everything it can to make sure that they are not left behind when VR technology becomes the industry standard. While we cannot confirm whether or not the PlayStation VR is ready, it’s too big of a deal to not get mentioned at PlayStation Experience. Maybe they’ll confirm that No Man’s Sky will be supported on the new device. Maybe Ace Combat 7 will be suppported on PlayStation VR. Only time will tell.


7. Full Street Fighter V roster revealed

The big announcement at last year’s PlayStation Experience was that Capcom was preparing Street Fighter V exclusively for the PS4. Now that Street Fighter V’s release is fast approaching, we’re fully anticipating the full roster to be revealed. Plus, they’ll most likely say something about the brawler’s final beta test.


8. DLC News

Do you really think that Sony would hold a massive press conference and not mention new content on the way for games like Destiny and Call of Duty? Of course not! It’s got to be in the contract with Activision that they have to plug the new content. Expect a new Destiny and Call of Duty: Black Ops III expansions due in early 2016.


9. Final Fantasy news

The Final Fantasy brand is synonymous with PlayStation, so we’re predicting a ton of Final Fantasy news. This will include a new Final Fantasy XV trailer as well as a firm release date in spring/summer/fall 2016. Dissidia Final Fantasy’s arcade revival will likely be revealed for PS4 because it’s the kind of game hardcore PlayStation fans will eat up. And finally, we’re going to get a few more seconds of the Final Fantasy VII remake with the PS4 port of the original made available on PSN following the announcement.


That’s it for our PlayStation Experience predictions. If you have addition PlayStation Experience predictions, please share them in the comments below.

And don’t forget, you can see all of our PlayStation Experience predictions get debunked in real time because the conference will be live streaming on Twitch all weekend. To see the PlayStation Experience unfold, visit PlayStation’s official Twitch channel.

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