10 Of The Biggest Upcoming PS4 Exclusives of 2018

ast year saw some amazing exclusive games come out on the PS4, including the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn. 2018 seems set to replicate this with a whole host of outstanding exclusives either already released or coming out in the next 9 months.

As such, it seemed fitting to take a look at 10 of the biggest upcoming PlayStation exclusives for 2018, and see what’s in store for us all this year! With reboots, PlayStation VR brilliance and also the finales of some long-running series, 2018’s PS4 exclusives are coming out with all guns blazing. So, here’s just a handful of the great games that are yet to be released, but will hit the shelves this year.

The Last of Us Part 2 and Days Gone aren’t in this list because, at the time of writing, The Last of Us Part 2 hasn’t been given a release date and Days Gone has been pushed back to 2019.

10. Star Child

Platformers have always been a huge part of the PlayStation library, from Crash Bandicoot and Spyro to Jack & Daxter or Sly Cooper. So, having a brand new platformer coming out an exclusive PS4 game should be no surprise. What is really interesting about Star Child, however, is that it is a PlayStation VR platformer game!

Explore beautifully crafted sci-fi locations in one of the most immersive side-scrolling platformer games ever made, all whilst completing puzzles with the help of a robot that looks strikingly similar to Wheatley from Portal 2. If you are looking for a game to help you relax after a long day, and just tune out the world around you, the Star Child looks like it would be the perfect option.

9. Blood and Truth

PlayStation VR has been growing constantly, and now we’re starting to some amazing AAA VR games coming out. One of those is Blood and Truth, a first-person VR shooter set within London. Taking the role of an ex-SAS soldier, you end up being brought into gang wars to save your family.

With an action movie style story, as well as gameplay that would suit any blockbuster action hero flick, Blood and Truth makes full use of the PlayStation VR system. For example, if you want to climb up a letter, you need to actually use your hands to do it. This makes Blood and Truth one of the best shooter games ever for immersion.

Being able to fully interact with the game world makes for an exciting experience that will have you hooked from start to finish.

8. Dreams

When it comes to making art in the form of video games, Dreams looks set to leap ahead of everything else. Coming with a whole bunch of levels and stories for you to play through, once you’re done with those you can hop in and build your own! From third person horror levels to side-scrolling platformers, racers or anything else you can imagine, Dreams will let you create it.

It’s time to let your imagination run free in this graphically astounding PlayStation 4 exclusive for 2018. Then, once you’ve created your level or story, you can share it with other players to live and enjoy, creating a huge community and an insane amount of content to play through. This is one PS4 exclusive that will keep you coming back over and over again!

7. Detroit: Become Human

With a storyline shaped entirely by your own choices, set in a cyberpunk future and following three different androids, Detroit: Become Human both looks and sounds like an incredible game. Your actions will impact every aspect of the story, including whether it continues with all of the characters, or moves on without one if they die.

The trailers look outstanding, and the sheer amount of variation in the storyline means that replay value of the game will be bursting through the roof. If you’re a fan of branching storylines, deep and meaningful plots and memorable characters then you need to check out this PS4 exclusive.

6. Yakuza 6

The long-running Yakuza series has become a cult classic in the open-world crime genre. Whilst never reaching the heights of others in the genre like Grand Theft Auto, the series has always seen success due to its quirky gameplay and awesome storylines. With everything from hilarious fights where you can pick up anything from cones to motorbikes as weapons, to some of the most insane ways to create mini-games, the Yakuza series will make you laugh whilst also create huge amounts of tension in missions.

Despite being called Yakuza 6, the upcoming PS4 exclusive next iteration in the series is actually the twelfth game, if you include all of the spin-off games as well as the prequel, Yakuza 0. It will also act as the finale to the main storyline of the games, bringing to end one of the longest storylines in the crime game genre to date.

The action scenes look just as over-the-top and comical as ever, and Japan looks utterly incredible, actually feeling alive and kicking, rather than just an empty city made as big as possible to boost gameplay time. The mini games will also act as a great distraction from the story missions, giving you a huge amount of things to do within this amazing game.

5. Kingdom Hearts 3

When the Kingdom Hearts series was first announced way back on the PlayStation 2, a lot of people laughed at the idea of Final Fantasy and Disney coming together in the same game. The sheer thought of it seemed so preposterous and ridiculous at the time. Oh, how wrong we all were. The first game in the series was an instant classic, and the second just improved on everything we loved from the first.

Since then, we’ve had an entire console generation of spin-offs, prequels and side stories that have all tested out different gameplay styles and mechanics, or even different game genres… We’ve had mobile games, portable games and even games that are based on collectable cards. But we haven’t had a third game that follows on from Kingdom Hearts 2.

That is, finally, set to change with the upcoming PS4 exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3. After almost two decades, step into the shoes of Sora once more to finally see how this epic (and somewhat confused) storyline will end. With new worlds, massively improved gameplay and HD graphics, Kingdom Hearts 3 has some work cut out for it to live up to the years of hype, but it looks like it is ready for a fight!

Oh, and with all of the acquisitions that Disney has made over the years since Kingdom Hearts 2, expect some extremely cool and exciting additions to this already full to brim series.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was ranked the 3rd best single player PS4 game of 2018. Check out the full list here: The Best Single Player PS4 Games of 2018

4. Spider-Man

These days Marvel pretty much rules the world when it comes to big blockbuster movies and TV shows, but then, what would expect after Disney bought them? Well, now it looks like this is filtering down to the single player games market as well, with the release of Spider-man on the PS4. It has been many years since there has been a decent Spider-man game, but from the gameplay trailers, it seems that this PS4 exclusive is going to change that in 2018.

Taking place a whole 8 years into Peter Parker’s life as Spider-man, the game features all of the high-octane action and free-roaming exploration that you would expect from a game focusing on your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger. With everything from helicopter chases to brutal yet easy to pick up fights with a variety of thugs, Spider-man for the PS4 really lets you see and feel what it would be like to live as a superhero.

The inclusion in the trailers of Miles Morales also left viewers gasping with sheer excitement and hype, so expect this game to be one of the biggest PS4 exclusives of 2018 and a definite contender for Game of Year. It’s time to put on your spider suit, take to the streets and help protect the city from Mister Negative and his plans to become the next Kingpin of Chinatown’s crime syndicates.

3. Left Alive

How do you take a long-standing tactical RPG series with one of the deepest and most intricate storylines ever and renew it for the modern era? Well, you take out the tactical RPG element and turn it into a survival shooter game instead. Or at least, that is what Square Enix has done with the Front Mission games. This is a series about the horrors of war, what it can do to you as a person and the cost of war on the world around you. Oh, and it has a massive number of different giant mechs as well, just to top it all off.

However, the revamped and remodelled next entry to the series even drops the Front Mission name, despite taking place in the same world and timeline. Left Alive is the newest shooter from Square Enix, where you play as a soldier in the aforementioned on Front Mission wars. You have to take on the enemy soldiers and their mechs with both your guns and your wits if you want to survive the horrific dangers of war.

So get yourself armed and ready for one of the most intense shooters to come this year, from an absolute powerhouse developer, with this PlayStation 4 exlusive.

Left Alive was ranked the 15th most anticipated PS4 game of 2018. Check out the full list here: 18 of the Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2018

2. God of War

What better way is there to relax after a hard and annoying day than brutally beating the “immortal” life out of the Gods? Well, that would be doing the exact same thing in a beautifully modelled HD world based upon Norse mythology. Enter the next game in the God of War series, one of the PS4’s best exclusive series ever.

In God of War for the PS4, Kratos has seemingly left Greece and moved to new lands where he has finally gotten the family life he lost in the original games. This, however, means that you’re not going to be alone in your quest to slay all sorts of mythical creatures. Instead, your son will be accompanying you, adding an entirely new style of gameplay to the God of War series.

Don’t assume that means that you’ll be running an entire game of escort missions. Kratos, whilst being a father, isn’t a body guard. His son will be a major part of both the plot and gameplay, helping out with boss fights, giving an entirely new way to experience the visceral combat that made God of War famous in the first place. This is one PS4 exclusive for 2018 that you need to be watching closely, and if you’re not already planning to buy it, then you need to rethink what your plans for this year really are!

1. Shenmue 3

All the way back on the Sega Dreamcast, a duology of games were released that took to the world by storm. They were Shenmue and Shenmue 2, the kings of the quick time event that manages to use it to actually make an enjoyable game. With a tale of deception, treachery and revenge, the Shenmue cames captures the hearts of all those who played them. However, the series had always been planned as a trilogy. So when the Dreamcast effectively died, everyone thought their hopes of a conclusion to this epic story died along with it.

That was true for years, until at E3 2015. Sony decided to talk about a new Kickstarter campaign that was about to start. Suddenly, a very familiar piece of music played, and everyone instantly lost their minds. The words Shenmue 3 came up and the screen and the audience and even gaming journalists went crazy. The excitement could have brought the ceiling down in the auditorium that night. A few minutes later, the Kickstarter campaign launch and it got full funding in a matter of hours! If that wasn’t reason enough for you to check out this game, then the trailers and graphics should be.

And whilst the game is being released on both PS4 and PC, it still remains exclusive to the PS4 in terms of consoles. So, with that and the sheer levels of excitement this game has created, how could we not feature it on a list of the biggest exclusives for PS4 in 2018? Oh, and there are also rumours that the first two games might be getting released on the PS4 as well, which would mean you could experience the entire trilogy!

Which upcoming PS4 exclusive for 2018 are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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