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Download PS4 Firmware Update 5.0 Beta Now – What Will Be New?

PSone classics?

Sony is asking PlayStation 4 owners to sign up to its firmware update 5.0 beta next month, as the company looks to roll out the next big changes to the console’s software.

North American players can sign up for the beta here; players from the United Kingdom can sign up here. Bear in mind that, as a beta, the chances are likely that it will come with several issues.

The last big firmware update for the PlayStation 4 was 4.50, which introduced external hard drive support, boost mode, and custom wallpapers. Exactly what 5.0 will bring to the console isn’t yet known, but, as usual, there are theories floating around.

One such theory is that 5.0 will allow for PSN name-changing, a feature players have been asking Sony for since the birth of the PlayStation 3. It’s unlikely the company would implement such a change now.

Perhaps stemming from Microsoft’s willingness to make Xbox 360 games backwards compatible on the Xbox One, another rumour is that 5.0 will give the PlayStation 4 PSone classics support.

Less exciting, and more probable, are PlayStation Store wish lists and the ability to remove items from the library, such as demos and betas.

Whatever Sony has in store for PlayStation 4 owners, it’s unlikely that all of your wishes will be granted.

What do you want to see in PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0? Let us know in the comments section below.

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