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Final Fantasy IX Re-Release Out Now on PS4

The RPG tale of war and love gets an HD re-release.

Final Fantasy IX has been re-released and is now available to buy on the PlayStation store as of today. This critically-acclaimed game comes two years after another Final Fantasy title, FFVII, was ported to the PS4.

The game features improved HD cutscene animations along with achievable trophies. However, according to reports by websites such as Push Square, the trophies “demand either a lot of time, a lot of effort, or some insanely elite skills.” So, while the re-release may not have many new additions to the gameplay, some gamers and hardcore fans may be happy to see new challenges to the game that come with attempting to collect the many trophies.

As many other PS4 games, FFIX also comes with player icons and themes. The game didn’t get a full remaster and seems to be similar to the PC version that was released last year. No word yet if the re-release with HD improvements will be ported to the PC.

The game is currently on sale until September 26 on the Playstation store. Will you play Final Fantasy IX on PS4? What do you think about re-releases?

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