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PlayStation 4 Update 4.70 is Available to Download Now

What does it introduce? Not much…

Sony has released PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.70, although it doesn’t do too much.

The update, which requires 340MB storage space, improves stability and performance, according to Push Square. It’s mandatory as well, which means you’ll have to download it if you want to play online.

Some eagle-eyed Reddit users also noticed some small changes in the system’s icons, including PlayStation Store, Plus, Vue, Video, and Now logos.

The last major update was 4.50 in March, which introduced boost mode and made the system compatible with external hard-drives. However, many users found it to affect their Wi-Fi connections, and in some extreme cases break the network router entirely. A more recent version improved the issue.

It shouldn’t be long until firmware update 5 is launched, which will likely introduce some major changes.

What would you like to see be done in Sony’s next major PlayStation 4 firmware update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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