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PS4 Firmware Update 4.73 Available to Download Now

But it doesn’t do much.

Sony has released firmware update 4.73 for the PlayStation 4, but it won’t have too much effect on your console.

Like update 4.72 before it, 4.73 is there to improve the “quality of system performance”. It is mandatory, though, meaning you’ll have to install it if you want to continue using PlayStation Network. The update weighs in at an average 341MB.

It’s likely that most firmware updates will be minor until 5.0 is released, the beta for which will be closing soon. US PlayStation 4 owners can sign up for the beta here, but this is the link for those in the UK.

It’s still unknown what firmware update 5.0 will bring to the system, but there are a few theories flying around.

What would you like to see from PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0? Let us know in the comments section below.

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