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PS4 Update 5.05 Is Live (+ How to Sign Up for Next “Major” Update)

All the information you need to know on the latest PS4 update — and “major” upcoming update.

Sony just released a new system software update for the PS4, and it seems to be just barebones maintenance. Firmware update 5.05 “improves system performance,” according to the patch notes. Players might be bummed after hearing this, but these tiny updates are important in keeping your console’s system stable.

PS4 fans will be happy to know that another “major” update is currently in the works, and you can have the chance to partake in the beta starting next month. According to Sony’s website, “You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta expected in February.”

PS4 Update 5.05

Sony hasn’t released any details about what the upcoming update will bring, but we can probably expect some added features. In case you forgot, PS4 Update 5.0 added many new features such as game streaming in 1080p 60fps for PS4 Pro users, a new family management system called “Family on PSN”, and virtual surround sound capabilities for PSVR. Looking back, we can assume that Sony has some big plans for PS4 fans in the upcoming update.

There’s also no word about when this future update will go live, but some people are speculating the beta could be for update 6.0. One of the features we might be getting could be the option to finally change our PSN username, as Sony did promise gamers we could see this sometime this year.

PS4 Update Beta Signup

PS4 players in North America can sign up for the beta here, while players in Europe can sign up here. Unfortunately, signing up doesn’t guarantee you’ll be granted access to the beta, so good luck in landing a spot!

How are you liking the latest PS4 Update? Will you be signing up for the update beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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