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Rumour: Could Spyro Be Flying Onto PS4?

It’s tenuous, but we’re hopefully nevertheless.

Spyro the Dragon could be making his way onto this generation’s consoles, if you believe every tenuous rumour you hear.

Over the weekend, PlayStation Netherlands posted a photo on Facebook of some of Sony’s most iconic mascots, all of which have appeared on this generation’s console. Except one.


Kratos appeared in God of War 3, Sackboy in Little Big Planet 3, Kat in Gravity Rush, and Parappa the Rapper in his self-titled PS4 remaster, whilst Crash Bandicoot will make a return in his N. Sane Trilogy due to release next month. That leaves just Spyro from the cast of characters as the only one not currently, or soon to be, available to play as on PlayStation 4.

What makes the theory slightly more reliable is that Crash’s original three adventures are getting the HD treatment, another once-Sony exclusive which was bought by Activison. The original three Spyro the Dragon titles were only available on the PlayStation 1, and were developed by Insomniac Games.

For those of you who don’t read Dutch, the caption reads: “and the 12 points go to”, referring to the Eurovision song contest which took place a few days ago. It’s more likely than not, then, that it was just a light-hearted joke. We can only hope, though.

Would you like to see Spyro the Dragon remastered on the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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