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Sony Releasing Updated PlayStation VR Headset

Minor but convenient changes added to PlayStation VR.

October is turning out to be an exciting month for PlayStation fans. Sony announced they will be releasing an updated VR headset later this month. The new VR headset will be coming out almost a year after the launch of PlayStation VR.

The updated VR headset will have a stereo jack directly into the headset, unlike the original hardware having the stereo jack connected to one of the “controllers”. This seems to solve the issue of players getting tangled up in excess cables.

This new VR headset will also come equipped with a new Processor Unit. The Processor Unit is what connects a PS4 to the VR headset. Players using the original VR headset had to unplug the Processor Unit if they wanted to use HDR-compatible features. This won’t be the case for the newest version. Unfortunately, the new Processor Unit won’t be compatible with the original VR headset.

There’s no official release date for North America yet, but the updated hardware will launch in Japan on October 14th. Sony says the price for the updated VR headset will remain the same and they will announce an official release date very soon.

Have you experienced PlayStation VR? Will you be buying the updated version when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below.

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