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Sony Sold 375,000 PSVR Units in Q1 2017, Over 1 Million in Total

The best selling console VR headset around.

Sony managed to sell 375,000 PlayStation VR units in Q1 of 2017, despite a lack of promotion since its release last year.

The company sold an outstanding 700,000 units last year, and CEO of Sony Global Interactive Entertainment Andrew House confirmed earlier this year that it had reached over 900,000 sales, surprising even himself.

The data, collected by SuperData, now shows the figure to be well over a million. This puts Sony well ahead of its console VR competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the former failing to make a real impression since its high profile law-suit with Zenimax.

SuperData expects Sony to go on to sell 2.6 million units by the end of 2017, far exceeding anyone’s initial expectations. The company’s head of VR Stephanie Llamas told “Sony has been more vocal about the PSVR being about VR, not games. They are working with companies for commercial applications, even though it is not the obvious first choice. But even the PlayStation is part of a larger effort to bring an entertainment ecosystem into the home – not just gaming experiences. They are going to the same route with the PSVR.”

Sony’s VR has recently been packaged alongside the PlayStation Camera for the same price. If this deal continues, then the company may continue to dominate the console VR market for some time.

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