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Will PUBG Ever Make it to PS4?

100% Xbox exclusive or timed?

PlayStation 4 players are still being left in the dark over whether or not Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will ever be released on the platform.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is without doubt the game of the moment, grabbing the attention of no less than eight million PC players. It was announced at this year’s E3 that the battle royale shooter will make its way onto the Xbox One, and it’s now been revealed that it’s due to release on Microsoft’s console this fall. The game is still in early access on PC.

While Xbox One players have cause to rejoice, nothing has been said about a potential PlayStation 4 release for the survival game. It all comes down to whether Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is fully exclusive to Microsoft or just timed.

The question was put to Bluehole, developer of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, community manager on twitter, but details in the response were sparse. “We have nothing further to announce at this time. We will be working hard to bring PUBG to Xbox sooner,” she said, neither confirming nor denying the allegations that the game may never make its way onto PlayStation 4.

However, senior writer at Windows Central, Jez Corden, gave PlayStation 4 owners hope, as he told his Twitter followers he expects the game to be a timed exclusive, much like 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, a game which made its way onto PlayStation 4 just a year after it was released exclusively for Xbox One.

“PUBG isn’t fully Xbox exclusive, just being published on Xbox by MS like Rise of the Tomb Raider,” he said. He also believes there’s a way the game could be released separately from Microsoft’s exclusivity deal: “they’re free to self-pub on PS4, and they will, it’s not locked down like Sunset Overdrive was, etc”.

What’s clear is that, currently, no one quite knows what’s going on with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The game is still in early access on the PC and will make its way onto Xbox One this year, so whether or not Bluehole will wait until it’s out of early access to release it on further systems is unknown. The developer’s statement to Gamespot again shows how little they’re giving away with this.

“At this time, the Bluehole dev team is focused on bringing PUBG to Xbox One and its continued development on PC. As for future plans on other platforms, there’s nothing to announce at this time.”

PlayStation 4 owners will just have to sit tight and wait.

Would you like to see Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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