Xbox “Wins” E3 2017

Xbox narrowly beats out PlayStation as the “most talked about” at E3

Early this year, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, the code-name for their forthcoming console dubbed “the most powerful ever made.”

Since then, they’ve been dropping careful hints and teasers about their newest system, promising the full reveal at E3.

In terms of marketing, it seems Microsoft played their cards right because the Xbox brand created the most internet buzz during and directly following the week of E3 2017.


According to ICO Partners, a consulting and marketing intelligence agency for online games, Xbox was the biggest trending brand to come out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this month.

Since 2014, ICO Partners have analyzed the media’s response and coverage of E3, and for the first time ever PlayStation was not the most talked about brand.

What’s interesting to note about this chart is that while Nintendo only received a little more than half the coverage of the other brands, they still nearly doubled their coverage from last year – partially thanks to the success of the Switch and their line-up of upcoming, high-profile games.

Speaking of games…

The Biggest Game


Followed closely by Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins was the biggest trending game of the conference. It’s not entirely surprising given that the graphics and gameplay look stellar, not to mention the enormous fan base behind the franchise.

There are a few other driving forces behind Assassin’s Creed’s dominance at the conference as well. Origins was featured in two separate press events, Ubisoft and Microsoft – the latter of which showcased the game on the newly unveiled Xbox One X at stunning 4K graphics. The game was also available to play during the conference.

Another Interesting Trend


Virtual reality seems to be the biggest thing no one’s talking about. Every major player in this category saw a significant drop in the amount of media coverage this year. VR saw higher coverage last year partially because it was the shiny new thing.

It seems that standard consoles and games are the mainstream while VR tech is still on the fringe side. Even though virtual reality is readily available to the public, the hardware and price point appears out of reach for the average gamer.

You can read the full ICO Partners study here.

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